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Introduction to Huaqiao International Service Business Park

Introduction to Huaqiao International Service Business Park

The Huaqiao International Service Business Park is in the Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, on the Shanghai - Jiangsu province border, on a 50-square-kilometers area less than 25 kilometers from Shanghai. It was listed by the provincial Party committee and government as one of the province's demonstration zones specializing in modern services and one of its major projects under the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-10). As one of the province's financial centers, the park was approved as a province-level development zone in 2006 and provincial demonstration zone of international outsourcing services in 2007.

The park uses its geographical advantages to service business in Shanghai and is trying to establish an outsourcing service base and national financial outsourcing demonstration zone. Its major industries are outsourcing services, background processing for financial institutions, regional headquarters for manufacturers, and logistics and purchasing. Outsourcing services include: multinational enterprises; large Chinese corporation IT business; background processing for financial institutions, including financial settlement centers, credit card services and customer services for big financial institutions like banks, securities and insurance companies; regional HQ for manufacturing enterprises, including operational centers, research and development centers, purchasing centers, marketing centers and management service centers; and logistics and purchasing centers for hotels, shopping, cultural, and housing projects. The park plans to build a satellite business center in Shanghai, which has 300,000 possible customers and a 10-million-sq-km area, within five to ten years.

Huaqiao is the sole provincial development zone in the modern service industry and has advantages in business spillover from Shanghai and in developing a modern service industry. It has Shanghai International Auto City to the east and the Suzhou Industrial Zone to the west and is a mere16 kilometers from the suburb of Kunshan and 20 km from People's Square in central Shanghai. It is also 16 km from Shanghai's Hongqiao International Airport and the Hongqiao fast railway hub, and 80 km from Pudong International Airport. For road transportation there is National Road 312 passing across the province from east to west, the Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway and Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway that meet here, and entrances to each. The Huaqiao section and Lujia section o f the Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway join up here and the airport section of the Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway provides access to the park from the east, south and north. For railway transportation, there is an 18-minute ride from Shanghai to Kunshan via the inter-city express train. Both the Shanghai-Ningbo express railway and Beijing-Shanghai railway stop at Kunshan. For subways, there is the Moyu Rd Station of subway Line 11 less than 400 meters away. The park is also contacting officials about extending a light railway to the park. For other public transportation, the park is working on networks and taxi access to Shanghai.

Kunshan is an important processing and manufacturing base with more than 5,000 foreign-funded projects from various countries and regions and 53 projects funded by two dozen of the Top 500 global enterprises and as many as 18,000 private ventures. The development of its manufacturing industry has increased demand for modern services and helped the growth of producer services, providing many opportunities.

It is also a provincial development zone and international outsourcing service center and a major provincial project in modern services, with preferential policies in development and help in funds, land, and taxes from the provincial government. It also shares a tax-protection system with the Kunshan export processing zone and measures to support leading projects. With costs increasing in business services, the park has certain other advantages in things like the price of land, housing, and labor, as well as infrastructure and project construction, and government services.

Its goal is to be friendly, comforting and beneficial to businessmen and it is trying to establish management and procedures that accord with international norms and three service platforms to provide efficient, convenient and whole-process services: one is in specializing services so the park can introduce international and domestic accounting firms, auditing firms, and office and consultation firms to provide top intermediary and consultation. The second is in public technology service and information services in technology R&D, quality guarantees, testing, IPR protection, and information services in regulations and policies. Kunshan now has the first IPR county-city level court. The third is in human resources, with Kunshan currently the home of 180,000 talented personnel, educational institutions, including Guihu University, the PLA University of Foreign Languages, and Suzhou University, which can train qualified personnel. And, its human resources market has agreements on talent training with more than 120 universities in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, and elsewhere.

Its aim is "incorporating Shanghai, facing the world and serving Jiangsu" and Huaqiao has borrowed international planning concepts and invited top planning and designing institutes for general planning and city planning so it can form an urban layout with a central park at the core, surrounded by business parks to make an ecological business zone, with support facilities, housing and beautiful surroundings.

Huaqiao is making every effort to speed up construction and will build a regional transportation network, including the eastern-extension of Lvdi Rd and Shangwu Rd and rebuild the Cao'an section of National Rd 312. It will also have top infrastructure, for a dual ring network power supply, drinkable tap water, and natural gas access. In communication, it has advanced cable and broadband networks and can use Shanghai's area code through China Telecom's network. It plans to install more complete facilities and an ecologically sound system. A central park and ecological park will be built next year, and there will be a 5-star hotel (funded by Hong Kong's Oriental Overseas Co and run by Hilton International), a hospital, kindergarten, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and recreational and gym facilities. Its golf courses can meet the need for a top-quality, recreational life and, in two years, with better infrastructure and support facilities and an ecologically sound environment, Huaqiao will be the best place for modern service development and business people.

It has already gained a lot of attention in China and abroad and has introduced more than 60 large service projects, with a total investment of 20 trillion yuan, some of which, such as the Lvdi International Community and Asian-Pacific square are in use, while others are still under construction. Several famous international and domestic enterprises have also shown an interest in Huaqiao, which is an investment paradise full of energy and momentum. Over the next few years, it will do its best to establish a new brand in the modern service business, especially outsourcing, to provide a good development platform for business offices, regional HQ, logistics, exhibitions, BPO, and ITO.

So, the Huaqiao International Service Business Park warmly welcomes business people from all over to pay us a visit and stay and invest.

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